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West Yarmouth Resorts

A Seasonal Oasis

Amidst the serene ambiance of west Yarmouth resorts, relaxation, and timeless enjoyment converge. Here, you and your loved ones revel in simple pleasure and leisurely activities. Keep the kids engaged with our celebrated Kids Club and relish various activities all season long.

Resort Reciprocity

Regardless of which of our Cape Cod resorts you choose, you enjoy privileged access to the beaches, pools, and activities at any of our properties. Just show your resort wristband. Need a replacement? No problem! Have one member of your party pick them up at the front desk.

The Bird's Eye View


The All-Access Pass to Paradise

a man and a woman on a bicycle on a beach

Bicycles and Cruisers

Feel the wind in your hair with our Red Jacket bicycle cruisers. The grownups will relish in the sense of freedom, and the little ones will love riding and exploring our peaceful cul-de-sac.

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Rediscover the joy of shuffleboard, a classic game that combines vintage charm with endless fun. Whether you've played it before or are new to the game, shuffleboard offers a unique blend of skill and leisure, perfect for our breezy coastal setting.

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Giant Jenga

Your favorite tabletop game, Jenga, has taken on a new, grown-up dimension. This classic game of physical skill invites players to stack wooden blocks into a towering structure. Each pull brings laughter and suspense to the game with a mix of skill and luck, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition and fun.

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Mini Golf

Join in the timeless treasure of mini-golf. Our course offers the perfect blend of fun and challenge, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Putt away, accompanied by breathtaking panoramas of Lewis Bay. The stunning views add an extra level of enjoyment to your game, making each round not just about the sport but also about the landscape. 

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Enjoy a relaxed game or ramp up the competition with your friends — cornhole is always a lively and entertaining outdoor activity here. Our game setups provide the perfect opportunity for both casual players and competitive spirits

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Paddle into the serene embrace of the cove. This peaceful area, surrounded by natural beauty, offers a perfect escape. Navigate through calm waters, and take a moment to listen and absorb the sounds of wildlife and the gentle lapping of the sea. This experience is not just about physical exploration, but also about connecting with nature and discovering its quiet wonders. 

a man fishing on a rocky shore


Our docks and jetty, a haven for fishing enthusiasts, are teeming with a variety of fish. The waters near Nantucket Sound in Cape Cod are renowned for their rich marine life, making them a perfect spot for both amateur and experienced anglers. Here, you can experience the thrill of fishing in one of the most picturesque and bountiful locations.

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Organic Herb & Vegetable Garden

Savor the richness of nature's bounty, carefully nurtured by our expert hands. Explore our gardens and fields, where you can pluck the freshest herbs and vegetables directly from the source. Our garden represents a blend of careful cultivation and nature's own processes.

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Outdoor Pool

Splash and laze in our heated bay-overlooking oasis. From ferry flotillas to sailing silhouettes, the view is ever-enthralling.

Daily from dawn to dusk.

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Private Beach

Your private slice of the coast awaits — untouched, uncrowded, unparalleled. Enjoy the vistas of drifting vessels and the symphonies of waves. Our playful playground is a kiddo magnet. Grab our resort-ready beach kit and dive in.

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Yoga on the Beach

As the morning sun comes ashore, make time for rejuvenation, inhaling the crisp sea breeze and letting go of all tensions. This moment of centered calm awaits Red Jacket Resorts guests every summer morning, promising a perfect start to your ideal day.