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Pet-Friendly Lodging
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Pet-Friendly Hotels Cape Cod

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Elegance and canine comfort blend seamlessly. At our four pup-friendly hotels on Cape Cod, we offer sophisticated dog-friendly rooms nestled amidst tranquil trails, perfect for adventurous doggies.

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Red Jacket Beach Resort

Enjoy dog-friendly accommodations at select Vacation Cottages at Red Jacket Beach Resort.

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Blue Water Resort

Plan your dog-friendly getaway at Blue Water Resort, with multiple dog-friendly rooms located in the Captain's House.

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Riviera Beach Resort

Riviera Beach Resort offers select dog-friendly rooms and suites.

Please call 508-398-9817 to reserve dog-friendly accommodations. 

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Blue Rock Resort

Blue Rock Resort offers select dog-friendly rooms and suites.

Please call 508-398-6962 to reserve dog-friendly accommodations. 

Guidelines for Dog Owners at Red Jacket Resorts 

A limited number of rooms at four Red Jacket Resorts – Blue Water Resort, Blue Rock Resort, Green Harbor Resort, and Red Jacket Beach – are available for guests traveling with dogs. Please check the availability of our dog-friendly rooms with our reservation staff when you book your stay. Our pet policy is for dogs only. We kindly ask that you find alternative accommodations for cats, hamsters, reptiles, livestock, and other unique traveling companions.

Dog-Friendly FAQs